I would fully recommend Mr. Yoon to anyone who gets a ticket in this area.  I wasn’t paying attention to my speed and got caught doing much more than I should have been.  After the officer said it was a misdemeanor I was freaked out about the thought of going to jail and possibly loosing my job.  I looked on Yelp and called Mr. Yoon since he was the top rated.  He was very nice, polite, and always professional in talking to me.  He kept assuring me it would be OK, even though my inclination is to always assume the worst.  He told me what to expect which was good since I had never been to court before outside of jury duty.

Day of the trial comes and he meets me in the lobby and tells me that he’s going to talk to the prosecution and the officer and not to worry.  He comes back and had negotiated the best possible outcome!  I was expecting worse but got a dismissal pending driving school.

If you get a ticket I would seriously and highly recommend Mr. Yoon.  Don’t go it alone since he knows his stuff and can do a much better job of negotiating than you can.  He’s always is nice and will answer any questions you might have.  He gives you personal attention and doesn’t stack a bunch of people together on the same day.  He also stays with you until your final resolution or dismissal

Brian M.