What services do you provide?

Primarily motor vehicle accidents, but also slip and falls, and medical malpractice.

How do your services benefit me?

You’ll know that I’ll do everything to ensure your recovery is maximized.

What should I do when they get in a traffic accident?

Do not flee the scene. If possible, move your vehicle to a safe location, exchange information, and immediately contact a lawyer. If you are injured, do not move. If you can call 911, do so.

How do you decide what types of cases to accept?

With regard to personal injury cases, I only handle cases where liability is already established. This means, you have a winning case and all that depends on now is how much of a settlement I can obtain for you.

How long will my case take?

Every case is different and it depends on the type of case. Personal Injury cases in Virginia have a Statute of Limitations of 2 years. This means that unless we can resolve the matter and settle the case before 2 years is up, we have to file a lawsuit to extend the time for us to resolve your case. This is not uncommon for serious accidents to go more than 2 years. I currently have a few that are going on 3-5 years.

What types of information do you need from the me to get started?

The information I need from you depends on the type of case. For a Personal Injury case, we’ll need to know more personal information about you, how the accident happened, your own insurance and coverage, the other party (at fault party) insurance and contact information, and any reports (police reports, hospital records, treatment records, etc). However, we can obtain most of those items along the way during the course of representation.