A criminal charge has serious consequences. While some misdemeanors carry no possibility of jail, a conviction can lead to job loss, missed professional and educational opportunities, broken relationships as well as long lasting stigmas that can be harmful to your mental health. In addition to lengthy prison time, felony convictions will bar you from purchasing firearms or even voting. And if you are not a United States citizen, you face removal proceedings and possible deportation. These are some of the consequences that we consider foremost when fighting your charges. The Yoon Law Firm has a combined legal experience of 47 years helping clients navigate through the criminal justice system. We are proven trial lawyers who will build a strategic defense to present the best case in front of a judge or jury. 

While our office is located in Fairfax County and are known for criminal defense, we handle all criminal matters in most jurisdictions in Northern Virginia, including the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia in Alexandria, VA. Over the years, we have built strong relationships in the community and good rapport with the bench, and fostered respect and professionalism with the prosecutors to ensure that your case goes unprejudiced and be treated equally and fairly. 

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Types of Criminal Law Offenses

Remember, that despite there being no possibility of jail time, being drunk in public is a criminal offense in Virginia. For it, your best bet is to meet with an experienced Criminal Defense Attorney with an expertise in drunk in public laws, such as Attorney Joseph Yoon of Yoon Law Firm conveniently located right by the Fairfax County Courthouse, to discuss the ways to avoid a possibly unnecessary charge and prevent a criminal record. Read More.
You may feel your assault and battery charge was unjustified, and that you don’t want to simply accept a guilty conviction. If so, there may be viable defenses for your specific case – give assault and battery attorney Joseph Yoon of Yoon Law Firm, PLLC, a call and find out the next best step for your case and how it may hold up in court. Read More.

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Theft and Larceny are often used interchangeably and are the more general terms that refer to taking another’s possessions without their permission/consent. Burglary and robbery can be considered some more specific types of theft/larceny, but are relatively less common than theft/larceny charges in Virginia. Read More.

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Although an increasing number of states are recognizing marijuana as a legal substance, it is still a crime in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Until it is legalized here, a guilty conviction of marijuana related offenses can still have implications on your life outside of penalties. Don’t risk settling for a conviction; call criminal defense attorney Joseph Yoon. Read More.

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Probation can be proposed by the courts as an alternative for jail time to those who have been convicted of an offense. (This is often commonly confused with “parole”, which functions similarly, but involves being released short of completion of a jail/prison sentence to be under supervision of a parole officer aiding reintegration.) If you are on probation, you may have been given the option to either go through it instead of doing jail time, or immediately following serving time in jail. Read More.
Have you ever wondered if it is possible to clear your record of a charge/case in the Commonwealth of Virginia? If you have, they are indeed possible in Virginia, and are known as expungements. Expungements are the erasing/clearing of any police and court records relating to a particular case. Read More.