What services do you provide?

If you were arrested, we can represent you.

How do your services benefit me?

You will have a skilled litigator who uses innovative methods and who is aggressive with handling your case. This will lead to better negotiations and success in trial if necessary.

Why should i contact you over other lawyers/firms?

I do not judge nor will have you do anything you are not comfortable with. Additionally, my fees are justified with the work I put forth in representing your interests.

Why should I contact you for Trespassing and Property Damage?

These types of cases are often resolved better with skillful negotiations with a prosecutor rather than going to trial. If you were on a property that’s not yours, how are you going to explain to a judge that you’re innocent? Also, if a security camera shows you breaking a door, are you seriously not guilty? Many times I have gotten a prosecutor to agree for my client to perform community service or other tasks in exchange for the charge to be dropped.

How long will my case take?

Every case is different and it depends on the type of case. Criminal cases are usually concluded within a couple of months. Felonies can go for more than a year.

What types of information do you need from the me to get started?

The information we need from you depends on the type of case. For a traffic or criminal cases, I would need all charging documents (basically anything the jail gave you when you were released from the jail).