In the midst of watching How to Get Away with Murder and catching up on Suits, it dawned on me, what am I going to do about my speeding ticket!? Do I need a lawyer?! Should I call the Johnny Cochran firm, what’s that firm William Shatner recently was marketing?!!?!?!?!

After many heart palpitations, and high blood pressure I came back to reality, and immediately turned to Yelp. I saw 5-6 law firms and contacted them all trying to figure out what my options were and what the best outcome could be.

I didn’t have a clean record (1 previous ticket in 2013) but had +3 for a safe driving course I had done as well. My ticket was for a 55/35 which was technically reckless but my officer gave me a break, which I’m grateful for!

Joseph was the last lawyer I contacted he was frank and honest in his assessment of my case, and laid out reasonable expectations. Throughout the process he was responsive, professional, and reassuring. Never knew lawyers were so email friendly!

Ultimately, If you have a ticket and are looking for someone, Joseph’s your guy. Right after my Court date which I didn’t have to go too, he called me with the verdict! I was stoked and really happy with what he was able to work out with the prosecutor!

Now I’ll go back to driving like a grandma! Sorry if you see me out on the road driving the speed limit I apologize! No more Speedy Gonzales here!