I recommend him!!! I frantically searched Yelp for a local attorney to help me deal with a serious legal situation after an vindictive ex tried to ruin my life!!!

I found Mr. Yoon on Yelp and read the great reviews. I needed an experienced, down to earth attorney and he was the guy! He understood how I felt about being a person of color and how I didn’t trust law enforcement!

I called him and he took the time to explain my situation, ask me details regarding the incident , and discuss my options.

I called him on a Tuesday and he was representing me in court the following Tuesday (less than 7 day turn around.)

His assistant Geradine was very professional and gave me updates on my representation and court dates. Mr. Yoon called me a few days before court and gave me good news and gave me advice regarding how to deal with the ex.

The day of court- He talked to the prosecutor,The charges were dropped, and he had me in and out of court within 30 mins. He is worth the money! He was on time for court, dressed very professional and he explained the next steps at the court house.

No regrets!!! Look no further! My tips- Be honest with him about your situation, tell him what is at stake, and rest assured he will make things right!