What services do you provide?

Chapter 7 for the Debtor.

How do your services benefit me?

Help you file a proper petition so that your debts can be discharged and you get a fresh new start.

Who can file for bankruptcy?

If you are doing a personal or business bankruptcy to discharge either consumer debt or business debt.

How can I file for bankruptcy?

Filing the appropriate paperwork.

Do I need a lawyer to file for bankruptcy?

The complexity of bankruptcy requires a lawyer so that nothing is missed.

When should i contact a lawyer?

As soon as you are ready.

How is coronavirus affecting bankruptcy?

Currently, it has affected the timing of the 341 Hearings where the Trustee discharges the debt. It may also affect whether this hearing is done is person or through other means.

How long will my case take?

Every case is different and it depends on the type of case. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy cases usually take between 3-5 months if the client has all their documents in order and follow the attorney instructions and complete the tasks timely. Some may be quicker and some may take longer. Quicker ones may involve a foreclosure of their home, a wage garnishment, a lawsuit, etc. Longer ones may be because of a pending divorce, a home sale, money issues, taxes that have to be filed, etc.

What types of information do you need from the me to get started?

For a bankruptcy case, I need to know which type of Chapter 7 bankruptcy you are seeking. E.G. is it a personal or business filing? Is it a joint or single filing? Then, we would have an initial consultation where I would send a questionnaire to see if you’re eligible for the relief you want. I’ll do a credit report check and go over all your assets. Other items we’ll need on a case by case basis.