The start of my year began with a crash. Not just a crash…but also a flip. Yes…that’s right, I totaled and flipped my car within 10 feet away from my home. Apparently this year (year of the rat), marks a year of very bad luck for me. However… thanks to Joseph Yoon, I was able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks to him, my year dramatically improved when he took me on as a client.

In the eyes of the law, due to the severity of the accident and the damages, it had to be considered reckless driving. My friend had previously been in an accident and recommended Mr.Yoon’s services. Within a day of inquiring with his law firm and sending an email, Mr. Yoon got back to me in a very timely manner. He reached out and explained to me the next possible course of action and gave me advice on what I needed to do.

Mr. Yoon and his staff were very professional when I called for a consultation. They communicated effectively and efficiently and made the process a lot simpler for me, someone who had never dealt with something like this before.

I am so grateful for Mr. Yoon and everything he has done for me. On my court date, he represented me and spoke to the prosecutor and the officer to negotiate a deal for me. In the end, my reckless became failure to pay attention.

Overall, Joseph Yoon is an experienced professional who tries his best to help you out. He is a caring, trustworthy, and someone who cares about students and people in general. I really appreciate what he has done for me and I definitely recommend him, especially after my experience with him. I know he will help you or try to in the same way he helped me.

Cat T.

Cat B

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