New Laws Go into Effect July 1, 2021 in Virginia!

With the current political and economical changes as well as social issues, the laws are bound to change too. While some laws are completely new, some build on existing laws and some attempt to clarify the confusing ones. Either way, the laws are promulgated (created) by our state delegates and senators who act on our behalf to make living in our respective districts safer and easier, yet some laws will make things more difficult to do certain things and may even complicate things, too.

Whether these new laws will benefit you or not isn’t my call. Everyone has a different walk of life; therefore, some will directly impact your life and some won’t make a difference at all. This article by the Richmond Times-Dispatch highlights a few that I thought you’d be interested in learning about, ranging from voting rights and the death penalty (which I wrote about in a previous post) to bicycle safety and releasing balloons (you will be charged $25 civil penalty per balloon!). While not included in the article, you may have also heard about the new marijuana law, which I explained in my post here.

I hope this helps as we start a new month with new laws! (Can you believe we only have six months left in 2021?