Theft/Larceny 101 with Fairfax, VA Criminal Defense Attorney Joseph Yoon

Theft and Larceny are often used interchangeably and are the more general terms that refer to taking another’s possessions without their permission/consent. One example is taking someone’s (unattended) bag while their back is turned. Burglary and robbery can be considered some more specific types of theft/larceny, but are relatively less common than theft/larceny charges in Virginia.

Punishments can vary for these charges, depending on such factors as how much was stolen, how the property was thieved, and sometimes what the charged individual intended to do with said property.

Typical Charges Involved with Theft/Larceny in Virginia

  • Petit (Petty) Larceny (§ 18.2-96)

This charge can basically come about through theft in two ways: 1) Directly taking from the person of another an amount of less than $5, or 2) not directly taking from them, but the amount being up to but not more than $200.

This constitutes a Class 1 misdemeanor charge, which involves no more than 12 months in jail, and/or a fine up to $2,500.

  • Grand Larceny (§ 18.2-95)

This involves similar conditions as the lesser charge, except it comes with 1) directly taking from them an amount of more than $5, 2) indirectly taking a total amount of more than $200, or 3) taking any firearm without permission, regardless of its value.

Grand larceny can result in imprisonment for one to 20 years, or (depending on the jury) up to 12 months jail time and/or up to a $2,500 fine.

  • Receiving Stolen Property (§ 18.2-108)

Buying, receiving, or helping to conceal stolen property all while knowing that the property had been unrightfully taken can warrant this charge. The punishments for this charge can mimic those of petty or grand larceny, even if you had no part in the actual stealing of it.

  • Larceny with Intent to Sell ( 18.2-108.01)

On the flip side, if you have been discovered stealing property valued $200 or more with alleged intent to sell/distribute it, this charge is punishable by imprisonment of two to 20 years. In applicable situations, if it was discovered that more than one of the same good/property was stolen, then it is assumed by the court that the intent of the theft was to distribute or sell.

The Details Make the Difference

At Yoon Law Firm, PLLC, located right beside the Fairfax County Courthouse, we stress that no two cases are alike and that the circumstances to your case are unique. Furthermore, for the court to obtain a conviction, it depends on not just the conditions of your specific case, but also other personal factors like your prior record, character, etc. With that being said, don’t assume you are looking at an imminent conviction, with the full extent of the punishments. With theft/larceny being the most common charge of its nature in Virginia, Attorney Joseph Yoon has negotiated many of these charges in courts and will bring the same energy and attention that you need for your case to see that you make the best of this.

Give Theft/Larceny Attorney Joseph Yoon a call today, explain the details of your recent case, and find out how you could possibly avoid a conviction in court with him by your side.