You’re Not Alone

Nine weeks into Virginia’s stay-at-home order has a lot of people feeling stressed and anxious, consuming more alcohol, sleeping less, gaining weight, obsessively watching the news or too much television. A major reason is probably because of your financial situation and what this pandemic is doing to your pockets.

You’re not alone and many people are in the same situation. This truly is a difficult time for many Americans. In fact, as of April 15, 2020, The US Labor Department put out some statistics that approximately 3 million people are behind at least one month on their mortgage payments, 1 in 4 businesses are shutting down, and over 22 million people have filed for unemployment. These numbers are frightening to say the least, especially because the numbers are expected to keep growing.

My clients are good people just like you. Hard working men and women who by no fault of their own found themselves in a tough financial situation. Feelings of embarrassment or thoughts of social stigmas may have prevented them from filing for bankruptcy for long periods of time. Some people try to consolidate debt and spend less somewhere else so they can free up money to pay the bills. But, once you’ve hit a certain point, you simply won’t be able to pay down enough while maintaining your sanity and still be able to save for the future. At some point later down the road, you have to put aside feelings of embarrassment and do what will be a refreshing period in your life to get a new start.

COVID-19 is putting a lot of financial strain on individuals and that feeling also affects your family members. Your mental health is often directly related to your financial situation. Discussing your options now with a professional can help you in the long run. Preparation is important for any life decision. Do not continue to live with a financial burden from which you can be relieved. Please contact me for a free consultation to see if I can help you lessen your worries.