Welcome “Of Counsel” John Bevis

We’re so pleased to welcome John Bevis and his vast years of legal financial expertise to our team as a retired “of-counsel.” Bevis joins us after almost 37 years of practicing law. During those three plus decades in the field, he has served for many years as a principal for a Leesburg law firm, focusing primarily on real estate and financial issues. He also spent almost half of his career running his own successful law firm in Fairfax, Virginia. His primary focus has been on individual and small business bankruptcy, while also practicing in the area of general litigation.

While Bevis has retired from the active practice of law, he continues to serve as an advisor to Joseph J. Yoon, Esq., who will continue in practice, serving friends and clients of Bevis in the Northern Virginia area. Bevis will not only offer years of bankruptcy law knowledge to our team, but he will also offer years of expertise working with the courts in the Northern Virginia area.

Bevis’ goal is to provide his colleagues, clients, and friends in the area with continuity should they need referrals or information. He has done his best to serve his clients throughout Virginia, and is excited to advise and consult with Joseph Yoon in the months and years ahead.