Va. Code § 46.2-833: Failing to Follow Traffic Lights in Virginia


This code essentially describes the law regarding traffic lights, and what is to be expected when you encounter those lights, and variations of those lights. Charges resulting from violations of this code are actually some of the more common traffic infractions in Virginia. Some ways you could have been charged of violating the code includes:

  • Running a stop sign/not coming to a full stop
  • Running a red light
  • Not coming to a full stop at or before the “limit line”/crosswalk at an intersection
  • Failing to yield on blinking yellow and red lights

This charge is generally a traffic infraction, meaning there is no possibility of jail time. The code states that the penalty can reach up to $350, but what it doesn’t mention are the other repercussions that it can have. The consequences can continue on and paying the citation can affect you through points on your driving record (which when racked up enough could lead to license suspension), required participation in driving improvement clinics, increased insurance rates, etc.

Depending on such factors as your prior driving record and how you received the charge, the charge could possibly be dropped if appealed in court, or you may likely see the penalties reduced and not face the full extent. You may be guilty in the police officer’s point of view, but that does not necessarily mean you will be found guilty of the charge in court. Should you decide to fight the ticket with Virginia Traffic Offense Attorney Joseph Yoon by your side, you will have the support of legal counsel who will ambitiously dedicate his efforts so that you make the best of your situation, as he has for his clients prior. Contact Yoon Law Firm, PLLC, for a free and confidential consultation and learn about the possible defenses that could be used for your case.


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