My Former Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Client Buys New House Just 2 Years Later!

I’ve said time and time again that filing for bankruptcy is NOT a shameful thing to do. You need not look at it as a bad thing. The federal government provides bankruptcy as a mechanism for people to get out of debt. You’re not doing anything wrong or illegal. 

Are you swimming in debt and not saving money or is your quality of life so diminished that you’re depressed? There’s no need for that. You’re likely a good candidate for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

With the consent of my former client, I will share his story. First, he is one of the best guys I’ve met in my life. He was hesitant about filing because of the same reasons noted above, which people commonly feel. However, he had too much debt. His debt wasn’t due to lavish spending or going in over his head with business ventures. He is a law enforcement officer who went through a bad divorce. While some divorces are not that costly, his made it impossible to live a decent life while paying all the credit card bills which he racked up because of the divorce.

When I met with him, there were a lot of unknowns. How long will this bankruptcy affect him? When will his credit bounce back? Will a bankruptcy really bring new opportunities? Now, after two years, his credit is back in the 700s, he’s met a new partner, work is great, he is able to provide more for his son, and just last month, he bought a $500,000 home! More doors opened thanks to his financial freedom after filing for bankruptcy.

The best news is that this success story is not the rare unicorn. I have many other clients who report to me lately about how great things are going after, at first, feeling ashamed to file for bankruptcy. In fact, I’ve never had a client be worse off after filing for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

If you are stressed out and unhappy due to financial debt, do not hesitate to give me a call (703-260-6060). I am here to help you.