Marijuana Legalization Keeps Inching Forward

Marijuana was decriminalized in Virginia starting July 1, 2020 (see my previous post here).

Today on November 16, 2020, Governor Northam announced his support to legalize marijuana. His statement stems from statistics that show that marijuana has become more broadly accepted in many states across America. Originally, the governor only supported decriminalization, however, after hearing more from his constituents, he has now changed his mind.

Apparently, a Gallup Poll released on November 9, 2020 showed data with 68% of Americans favoring the legalization of marijuana. There is bipartisan support for such a bill to pass. In fact, during this past general election, not only did legalization of recreational pot pass in “progressive” states such as New Jersey, it also passed in moderate and conserative states such as Arizona and Montana as well.

People ask for change all the time with issues that affect them. Things don’t always happen at once, but with statistics and popular opinion supporting the change, the near legalization of marijuana is proof that change is possible. While it won’t happen today, the governor’s shifting views on marijuana will make it possible when the general assembly reconvenes next year where he said he would propose legislation.

Speak up and be heard; vote and vote often.