Justice Forward Update: Fairfax General District Court’s New Plan

Remember last month’s post, where I mentioned Justice Forward? While its progress isn’t advancing as quickly as most would like, there have been milestones through the group’s hard work. One of them is a recent plan of action by the Fairfax General District Court to promote equal justice under the law. 

Equal justice will never happen unless those in positions of authority, influence, and power do something about it. It’s sometimes lost in their minds that these people in high positions are only there because the people, people of all different backgrounds, color and races put them in those positions. Sometimes power gets into their heads. Sometimes it’s honest; they are tired and just try to do their best because they want to keep a roof over their heads and not lose their source of income. Regardless, I do believe that Justice Forward is a remarkable thing that is happening right now. Anyone who is on board with them and aiming to do what is seemingly impossible, in part because of the things I mentioned above, well, that’s great and I wish them the best.  

I commend the Fairfax General District Court taking the necessary steps outlined in this open letter outlining their plan. It goes without saying that all the paragraphs outlined really should have been happening from the beginning, but I said it anyway. It’s time to open eyes, and do what should be done.