Your Vote Counts!

Dear Readers,

As you know, my areas of practice are Traffic & Criminal Defense, Personal Injury, and Bankruptcy. As a defense attorney, my job is to ensure your constitutional rights have not been violated. Sometimes, law enforcement procures evidence or makes an illegal arrest or seizure. I advocate on your behalf to hold them to the standard to which they should be held.

Voting is also your constitutional right. Our fellow citizens and their ancestors fought an incredibly hard battle to gain the right to vote. Black Americans bled to gain this right and women suffered so that all citizens of the United States can have a say in who their elected officials are today. It’s not a right to be taken for granted.

Most often, local elections will decide the day to day that may affect us, but the national elections will pave the way for what really affects us as a people. If something doesn’t go your way, you can’t complain if you sat on the sidelines and didn’t take part in a process – a right and privilege only possible thanks to the sacrifice of good Americans of the past.

If you’re new to voting or perhaps aren’t registered yet, here is some information I hope you find helpful. It’s not too late and remember, your vote counts!