Legalized Recreational Marijuana Sales in Virginia Starting Soon?

Remember last year, all the way back in 2021, when the General Assembly legalized adult possession of up to an ounce of marijuana? It also paved the path toward retail sales set to begin in 2024. But, why the wait? The simple answer is that the mechanisms to regulate retail sales take a long time. But that’s not the only reason why and support for moving up the timeline gained a lot of support from both Republicans and Democrats in an attempt to prevent growth in the illicit market. I surmise money to be the real driving force as it is with most things that get done with bipartisan support by any law-making body.

So, the plan changed from 2024 to getting a bill passed in 2022. Let’s make that money! However, the idea was fleeting. It was an idea that had more words than action. The primary reason is because establishing a regulatory structure for retail sales is complex. How would sales work? It became clear that more time was needed to review the ins and outs of selling marijuana. But I think it’s how the government can increase its slice of the pie and ensure loopholes favor it.

Regardless of what I just said in jest, a bill that doesn’t provide a well-regulated system for marijuana sales won’t be good for anyone. We’ll see what happens next year in 2023 when the bill will make its way back to Richmond.