I recently had the misfortune of receiving a reckless driving charge for going 85/60 on I-95 in Prince William County, in the dreaded “Highway Safety Corridor”, where all fines are doubled. I was extremely worried since I drive for a living and am in a tough economic spot; the prospect of a suspended license and serious fines kept me awake at night for weeks.
I spoke with several lawyers who confirmed the seriousness of the charge I was facing, and I was quoted retainer amounts of anywhere from 500 to 1500 dollars for representation. However, Joseph Yoon returned my call (on a Saturday afternoon, no less), and after taking into account my financial situation and the fact that I have a good driving record, Mr. Yoon told me something that NO OTHER LAWYER has ever uttered to me: He told me that I did NOT need a lawyer! Instead he instructed me on the steps to take in Prince William District Court to represent myself. I was willing to hire him, yet he had empathy for my situation, and following his advice, step by step, I had the charge completely dropped!
I highly recommend Joseph Yoon and the Yoon Law Firm. Honest and compassionate, Joseph really cares about his clients, and takes time out of his own personal life to help you. I will call on him in the future if I ever have any legal issues again! A++++++

Kurt N.

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