Mr Joseph Yoon is a very different lawyer. He focuses on problem solving more than just money making. I got a ticket for not stopping for a school bus – which is the category of reckless driving. I didn’t see flashing light, but the police insisted that I had time and should have waited to see the flashing light. I chatted with a couple of claimed to be “lawyers” online. All I have been informed was that I needed to hire them or I would be in jail and lose my driver license. One lawyer who couldn’t handle cases in my district refer me to her friend lawyer. Her friend lawyer referred me to pay and take her friend’s “driving to an extreme” class, so that I can show the judge how serious I was towards my potential “crime”. I was assumed to have done wrong by her. I searched all over the internet about the class, I couldn’t find any reviews or comments on how this class had helped with anybody’s defense.

I got home after work and called Yoon Law Firm, by then, I have already done my research on Yelp. It was late and I was ready to just leave a message, but Mr Yoon answered the phone. He was in his office to cover his assistant. Two minutes into the conversation and after he found out my situation, Mr. Yoon offered to take my case. Unlike other “I can help you” lawyers, Mr. Yoon asked a very reasonable fee to represent the case for me.

Just like all other cases Mr. Yoon represented, my case was down graded to just to pay a fine with no points. I don’t know what kind of magic Mr Yoon exercised, he definitely has some and I didn’t even need to be at the court that day. I have been worrying about the case for one month, with mail came in everyday from different law offices to remind me of my potential “crime” and “jail time”. Now my nerve can be rested.

Mr. Yoon is truly one of a kind. He is different from those other lawyers hanging around the market nowadays: service oriented and result driven. Being a US Army service member and an attorney, Mr Yoon sets himself apart from those ordinary lawyers who place money above anything and use tactics such as harassing, manipulation and coercion to gain clients. I am happy for the result that Mr Yoon obtained on my behalf, I am also deeply touched by his selfless service to our nation and his dedication to people.

Look no further, Mr. Yoon is the choice and you won’t regret your decision.

Ken P.

Ken P.