I got pulled over for going 85 in a 55 (reckless). Joseph helped me through the process from step 1 and explained everything in a succinct manner. He remained responsive throughout the process and never took more than a day or two to respond to my emails. We never even had to meet face to face; he took care of everything and sent me all the documentation in a way that made the whole process as stress free as possible. I didn’t even have to show up in court. The only hassle was finding time to take the recommended driver’s improvement course, but even then, Joseph sent me all the information so that I could make an informed choice as to which class I should sign up for and what I could expect to pay.

Joseph negotiated my charge down to 74/55 (speeding). All I have to do is pay a little higher fine on the front end. This was favorable to me as I would rather have lower points and no misdemeanor on my record.

I would recommend Joseph to anyone in a similar situation in the future.

Daniel P.