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Mask Off!

Joseph Yoon  Comments (0)
Mask Off! No, not the song by the musician, Future. The pandemic is easing and the Fairfax County Courthouse has lifted its mask policy. The Court follows CDC guidelines and General District Court Chief Judge...


  • Joseph is amazing. I am new to the area and needed legal representation for a traffic violation. He was highly recommended and I am glad I listened. My work requires a lot of my time and focus and Joseph was able to bring a lot of ease to my mind while he handled my entire case. He took care of me and my case. He explained everything to me to ensure that I understood what was happening and what was needed in order to work towards a positive outcome. . .
    S. B.

    S. B.

  • I am so grateful for Mr. Yoon and everything he has done for me. On my court date, he represented me and spoke to the prosecutor and the officer to negotiate a deal for me. In the end, my reckless became failure to pay attention. . .
    Cat T.

    Cat B

  • After reading a ton of reviews and talking to a few lawyers, I decided to hire Joseph Yoon to represent me in a reckless driving case: 90mph in a 65mph zone in Loudon County. I'm so glad I went with Joseph! He was very communicative, listened well, and worked hard to represent me in the best possible way on my court date. . . Joseph's services were competitively priced, and the outcome is likely better than I could have gotten with a more expensive firm. . .
    Katrina B.

    Katrina B.