Car Accident and Injured? Use your MedPay to Pay For Treatment! (If You Have it)

I’ve been handling personal injury cases for just shy of a decade now. During that time, the types of cases I’ve handled have ranged from motor vehicle accidents to slip and falls or injury on private property to medical malpractice. A far majority of those cases were due to a client being involved in a car accident at the fault of another driver. (Sidenote: Please refer to my previous post for what to do if you’re involved in a car accident. It is very important you do certain things to preserve your rights and increase your chances at having a successful case. Your actions can help me obtain a fair monetary compensation for your pain and suffering due to the injuries you sustained!)

Based on my own experience in representing hundreds of clients, only about 30% of people out there have MedPay. MedPay, formally called “medical payment benefits”, helps you get treated whether or not you have health insurance and without worry whether your car insurance premium will go up.

How is this possible? Let’s assume you’re an average driver with one moving violation every 5 years and got into one accident within the past 10 years. So, you’re not a bad driver, but you got into an accident and regardless of whose fault it was, you got hurt. You suffered whiplash and now your neck, shoulders, and back hurt the next day. Sure, you have health insurance, but there’s a big co-pay or maybe you don’t have good coverage and the deductible is $5,000 because you’re generally healthy and you didn’t foresee any major illnesses coming your way. Either way, you have some pain and you want to get it taken care of. If you have MedPay, it’s because you decided it was worth paying $10 extra per month to get $2,000 worth of MedPay coverage if and when you are involved in an accident. This means you can go to a doctor, therapist, chiropractor, or even an acupuncturist to get better and use that $2,000 toward paying the bill.

When you obtained your car insurance, you probably shopped around and got the cheapest you could find. That’s because you’re a good driver! You obey the law and your car is a bit older now so what’s the point in paying big money for better coverage? They’re all the same, right? I won’t go into who is better or who is bad, but who you have will cause more or less headaches when you need to file a claim. When you ultimately chose a company, you probably decided to keep your payments low by selecting the minimum coverage amounts or deductible when something happens. I can bet that usually means that you probably declined getting MedPay. 
Curious to learn more? Give me a call and I’m happy to answer your questions and go into it in more depth with you.